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A short note on the language of the blog

I was born and spent most of my life in Kiev which is ~50% Russian speaking. Thus this blog initially started in Russian language (you can see the oldest content is in Russian).

After a while I’ve decided to use it as a vehicle in my English learning. Thus English became primary language here (most of the articles to this day are in English). You’ve probably seen some posts tagged Russian genome and Ukrainian genome being translations from the corresponding languages.

I live in Ukraine so at some point I’ve decided to speak Ukrainian. The crowd I was hanging out with at that time was not really appreciative of the fact and I was constantly reminded of my accent. With time I switched back to Russian.

In the end of 2015 I switched back to Ukrainian again. This time is sticks better with me. I still suck at pronouncing certain words but I’ve developed routines for enjoying that too.

The office crowd (~50 people) was highly supportive, though and it became a kind of entertainment. For a long time I was the only Ukrainian speaking in our Odessa office (Odessa has much more Russian speaking people).

As I always aim at killing a few birds with one stone, I’ve started to use this blog as a means to improve my Ukrainian.

I use Polylang wordpress plugin to maintain multiple language versions of my posts. It is ought to show language flag only when a translation is available. In practice it shows those more often then necessary and when you try to click for your version of a particular blog post you might end up in the home page for the language just because the post was not translated. This sucks.

I won’t be fixing this for quite a while meaning people aiming at Russian will suffer :( I don’t like like people suffering so aiming at alleviating that with at least some sort of explanation. Here we go.

Imagine person from Britain walking with a person from France, they both talk their own language and both understand each other? – That’s what we mostly have in Ukraine now. My friends understand Ukrainian, I understand Russian so we give each others comfort of staying with the language of our choice.

Ukrainian thus becomes my primary language here too and English is a backup for the rest of the world.


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How to achieve more without straining yourself too much?

Recently I’ve attended the webinar. I love the guys personalities, but what they did as a team, was awesome :) Let me share couple of new exciting ideas with you.

Entertain your brain

There’s an idea that whenever your brain has some spare processing power, it starts on something new. Thus if you want to be focused to have something done in a reasonable time, sandbag(or, better entertain) it a bit.

Example: doing the dishes is boring, but what about doing them in one-handed mode only?

Be fast in decision making. Decide in advance

It’s a known fact that conscious multi-factor decision making is somewhat brittle. And also leads to a “paralysis by analysis” situations. Thus it’s usually easier to pick any option and improve as you go.

Another one thing is when you’re embarking on to decision making process, you have this fancy process of your brain areas activating and sedating each other(I do that all the time reasoning about “Why should I and bla-bla-bla”. Learn to follow your decision once made and that will save you tons of time. Also achievationers ideas apply here: it’s better to have another one deed to motivate you even more rather staying still.

Btw, this article is itself an example of the principle being applied.

Define goals clearly. Define them small

Again, clearly defined stuff prevents you from falling into the reasoning trap. Defining them small allows you to allocate enough resources(e.g. focus) to get the thing done and feel the hormone happiness from actually achieving something – so generate some of your tailwind yourself : )

Example: cleaning the house is rather large and vague, doing the dishes is good enough. Reading a book is vague, reading a book for 30 mins / reading 30 pages is just fine.

Prefer ‘training’ goals

The guys defined two type of goals ‘pitfall’ ones(huge chunks of work/unknowns) and ‘training’ ones – being small, clearly defined and rather easy to achieve.

Training goals don’t strain you that much, so you’ll do something more frequently this eventually yielding better result.

Example: I had a hard time raising my pushups count from 20 to 100 in 3 month, but targeting a joyful gym visit just today is just awesome/yeah, I still have long term numbers to achieve, but I don’t bother : )/

Want more?

If you know some Russian, please feel free to follow the guys:

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