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A short note on the language of the blog

I was born and spent most of my life in Kiev which is ~50% Russian speaking. Thus this blog initially started in Russian language (you can see the oldest content is in Russian).

After a while I’ve decided to use it as a vehicle in my English learning. Thus English became primary language here (most of the articles to this day are in English). You’ve probably seen some posts tagged Russian genome and Ukrainian genome being translations from the corresponding languages.

I live in Ukraine so at some point I’ve decided to speak Ukrainian. The crowd I was hanging out with at that time was not really appreciative of the fact and I was constantly reminded of my accent. With time I switched back to Russian.

In the end of 2015 I switched back to Ukrainian again. This time is sticks better with me. I still suck at pronouncing certain words but I’ve developed routines for enjoying that too.

The office crowd (~50 people) was highly supportive, though and it became a kind of entertainment. For a long time I was the only Ukrainian speaking in our Odessa office (Odessa has much more Russian speaking people).

As I always aim at killing a few birds with one stone, I’ve started to use this blog as a means to improve my Ukrainian.

I use Polylang wordpress plugin to maintain multiple language versions of my posts. It is ought to show language flag only when a translation is available. In practice it shows those more often then necessary and when you try to click for your version of a particular blog post you might end up in the home page for the language just because the post was not translated. This sucks.

I won’t be fixing this for quite a while meaning people aiming at Russian will suffer :( I don’t like like people suffering so aiming at alleviating that with at least some sort of explanation. Here we go.

Imagine person from Britain walking with a person from France, they both talk their own language and both understand each other? – That’s what we mostly have in Ukraine now. My friends understand Ukrainian, I understand Russian so we give each others comfort of staying with the language of our choice.

Ukrainian thus becomes my primary language here too and English is a backup for the rest of the world.


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What the recruiting Bible says about resumes before having a chit-chat?

Today is a big day for the Ukrainian economy: our currency reclaimed a bit of it’s past value and I’m officially giving up on updating my resume when some random people ask. Hours saved will be donated to charity and occasional exposures to Xbox.

Below are a few reasons (including one true story, bro) on why you might want to do the same.

LinkedIn and some reading skills to the rescue

During the latest 30 days I’ve received 16 invitations and none (0) of them bothered to follow the instruction linked from the profile.

Or, to give them a benefit of the doubt: nobody from the contacting people was brave enough to try any of the suggestions on how to cheaply earn some reputation with me.

And as economists say – it’s all about the incentives: given somebody does not bother to read my LinkedIn profile while they don’t have my resume, what the chances are if I’ll whip up a one for them?

Not everybody is a fit – why bother?


I’ve had a magnificent chat just recently which saved me a few hours from preparing a resume.

A manager: Hi there
A manager: I’ve got your contact from Xxxx, as a candidate for a DevOps position

Me: yup
Me: let’s talk?

A manager: ask urgent questions first – might be you’ll get them answered now
A manager: )

Me: Who DevOps will work for? Who are they delivering value to / who are their clients? Who will manage / work with the DevOps? Who is the Ansible fan there?

A manager:
> Who DevOps will work for?
a company with a foreign investments

> Who are they delivering value to / who are their clients?
No clients yet – we create product(s)

> Who will manage
There is an owner / investor with money – the company is managed by that person

> Who will work with the DevOps

> Who is the Ansible fan there?
some teams do

>> Who DevOps will work for?
> a company with a foreign investments
what is famous about them? what can I learn from them?

>> Who are they delivering value to / who are their clients?
> No clients yet – we create product(s)
who are the potential clients? market \ domain?

>> Who will manage
> There is an owner / investor with money – the company is managed by that person
where I can read up on them?

>> Who will work with the DevOps
> developers
how many teams (products) is to be supported? what does an average working day looks like? what are the success criteria?

A manager: Ivan
A manager: sorry, you’re asking not correct questions with regards to the investors
can you read up on your investors at the current firm you’re working for?

A manager: ?
Me: yup

A manager: can I see a link please
Me: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/<my_favorite_employer_here>/investors

A manager: cool! sorry, I can’t give you that information
A manager: a good day
A manager: to you

    A manager removed me from Skype contact list here.

Me: is that an ending of the conversation?
A manager: from the context, I clearly stated that
yes – I bid you a good day again!

Me: what’s the reason? have I made you upset with something?
A manager: you’re working on a dream job, it seems, and we’re not matching the criteria in the asked questions. No, you haven’t upset anyone

Me: thanks – I’m always afraid of making people upset
Me: which criteria were not met? – I haven’t named a single one as of yet

    As of yet neither the manager, nor the recruiter have revealed what the problem was.

The End

So while most of people will be busy updating their resumes, me and you can get in front of the queue in this awesome game called life

P.S. There’s no recruiting bible I know of – maybe that’s the reason for all the funky things happening around? ^_^


#четамухохлов for English speakers

If you’re wondered what does ‘#четамухохлов’ mean, this post is just for you.

Screenshot 2015-04-22 12.12.17

Language basics

Hoholók (ru. Хохолок) – forelock. You can see one on drawn on Walt’s head on the image below. Also please note tilde above o letter is just to signify the pronunciation.


This hair style is a part part of Ukrainian Cossacks heritage. Basically these were free people living in the wild territories of what is central Ukraine now.

Hohól (ru. хохол) is often a derogatory term used by Russians when referring to a Ukrainain.

‘че там у хохолов’ is basically ‘what is heard of Ukrainians’ said in slang-ish and often derogatory way.

Why it’s trending?

Russian state TV trending topic for the past year was how bad is situation in Ukraine to distract Russians from their own situation.

Thus the hashtag is ridiculing the Russians interest to Ukrainian problems while ignoring their own.

Image: ridiculing at Russia-24 (famous for propaganda) branding with the meme. Background is independence square in Kyiv, Ukraine

Possible origins

Earliest thing I’ve discovered was Andrij Bondar‘s facebook account being blocked because of few poems involving the meme words.

Can I have more?

Sure, follow along at yhohlov.com (source for all the images!) or on twitter.



I’m loving this, how can I help?

Thanks for asking! Just share and repost – education transforms the world : )

Technical analysis of the situation around Ukrainian Crimea peninsula

We have lots of political analysis about Ukraine and Russia and Crimea around, articles describing the transfer technically are more rare. Let me translate one for you.

So Crimea is the peninsula we used to have:

Screenshot 2014-03-14 16.28.26

And there were photos on the internet depicting tractors working on some perforations happening at the neck:


So we wonder, what for do they do that? Answer is obvious – to separate the peninsula from the continental part! The most efficient way of attaching Crimea to Russia is by means of physical move.

Most probably that will happen in two parts. First one will be done overnight on 14ths of March. Crimea will be moved and will temporarily connected to Anapa. That will give Russia the great leverage as well as a reasons for frau Merkel to curse in Russian language now.



Next step is to connect Crimea with Sochi, so infrastructure useless after the Olympics can be used to drive the growth of the region.



The idea brings huge wins to everyone involved, so global changes are inevitable! 


As you can see on the photo, the move is only a small piece of the plan – there’s lots of work to be done!



The Achievationers Book :: Chapters I, II

Hereby I start translating an awesome piece of an inspiring read.


Achivation is:

  • to live easily;
  • don’t stop, when it’s tailwind;
  • when each and every wind is tailwind;
  • when you always have “Plan B”;
  • when changes make you glad;

Also it is:

  • to live happily;
  • when desired goals exist everywhere;
  • when you’re always carried to the goals;
  • when you’re always moving;
  • when you know the lifehacks;

‘Achievation’ and ‘achievationer’ are made up words, but pretty much the initial Russian equivalent in the sense of being based on ‘achievement’ word.

An asswrinkler is just the opposite of an achievator. [Translator]

01/ Live lightly

Achievation – is when it’s easy to live.

When it’s easy to live? When you do something and everyone around helps you with that. Or, at least, nothing disrupts you. Everyone and everything. When you don’t exert yourself. When you don’t knock yourself out. When you don’t pee against the wind. When you enter a market at an unknown town – and you’re popular, beloved and respected there already. When the life is like a jennie. Each and every intention is met openly and supported. Applauses and cheering.

What’s when it’s hard to live? Bicycle principle: whenever you go somewhere – always uphill and up the wind. Wind does not blow the required direction and desired direction does not meet with the wind.

living lightly is always like moving downhill and with the tailwind.

Just to use your own energy for your own happiness. For your pleasure.

And to achieve more in your life.

02/ Don’t stop when it’s tailwind

Achievation – not to stop, when it’s tailwind

Follow your AHA-reflex. Don’t think and don’t compare. When you have luck right now – grab it immediately. Speed is the thing, not frowning farsightedness.

Asswrinkler, when offered something “as is, for free”, rejects. As “free cheese is only found in a mousetrap”. Later, being sorry about the rejection. What if that was not a mousetrap?

Like in a joke. There was a religious comrade, which when the Flood started, prayed the Lord to save him. There was one boat trying to help him, and another, and yet another one and he rejected all of them: “God will save me” – he said. And when he finally drowned, he asked the Lord: “Why you haven’t helped me?”, and got the answer: “Dude, why do you think those boats were sent?”. So grab your luck immediately.

How it usually happens? Stuff is sold cheaply, but right now. Who reacts immediately – wins. Some will crank up on it later. When you can do it right now  – that helps. And costs less.

On the other side, “don’t stop when it’s tail wind” is also about where are you right now. Right now is the thing here. Even if you haven’t bought a toy, still, you trained your desirilator organ. Like you chose one, walking to a cash desk and *BANG* – you now think it inspires you no longer. And like two feet away from the cash desk. Asswrinkler will make the purchase, as the decision was made already! Achievationer will just turn around and walk away. Changed their mind! Unwrap the thing.

‘Desirilator’ is made up to be close to ‘desire’. Desire is the very reason to achieve things.[Translator]

You don’t need to think. Figure out.


Economics of personality: Part 1

As usual, closing my end of month with a recipts backlog review. That’s 5ths month in a row. On average it is about ~80 records per month. That’s 3 times a day I’m involved in a money transaction. There are hundreds of others deals we all immerse into on a regular basis. We should be conscious of what we give and what we get in those exchanges. That’s what part of the sales stuff is about.

I’ve stumbled upon this awesome series of thoughts called Economics of personanlity, which resonates with stuff from the above, so I’d like to share that with the world.

[ Originally translated from here ]

I don’t really like to write about provoking stuff containing not-yet-bygone emotions and not yet closed situations. Nevertheless, I’d like to share this because writing about rather professional techniques and approaches needs some grounds:

1. We all live(2013, Russian Federation) not in an Elven country, but rather as a part of Resident Evil. Most frequently we play not Elven roles, but rather genuine Legions of Damned

2. Techniques and approaches which I suggest as a trainer and consultant are meant to help us with reverting from the zombie path. That’s not an easiest route, but quite doable.

3. Stuff tolerated by elves and good for humans is not sutable for zombies and vampires. Thus, before proceeding with techniques, I’d like to settle on values and explain when it’s better to follow mine recommendations and when it’s better to learn from someone else.

Below I wrote about the most vulnerable piece of lives for most of us, our attitude: towards ourselves, our life, colleagues and the world, own and relatives health, professional growth, justice and the world peace. Why lots of right stuff doesn’t work out and why truth is not always the winner and, frequently, too late for us.

I’m finishing playing Disciples III now and I’ll use their role system as a metaphore for the story. Let’s start from a slight exaggregation to feel the concept. Then, we’ll look at the real life. So, depending on a type of culture, we have creatures, belonging to three different races:

1. Elves – culture, which grounds on a CONCEPT of unlimited resources(in fact they may have limited resources) and justice, with actions dictated with truth, actively promoting higher values in the world and protecting everything good from everything evil. They’re concentrated on self-development and self-fulfillment with the goal of helping others to do the same or at least to saving harmony of the world.

2. Humans – culture, which is split between higher justice and resource limitation. They always have to make their choice, prefer one thing to another:

– tomorrow versus today,

– to yourself versus your relative

– forgive versus surcharge

– stunning truth or white lies

– wait for wounded to die and get their boots or help and carry to a hospital, or maybe don’t wait and finish them

The smaller resources, time, energy and provisioning available tougher is the choice. Half the times this choice should be protected with a weapon in thy hands.

3. Undead – this culture grounds on inhuman hunger. There are no spare resources and the only way to exist is to take away them from others and turn them in such a hungry creatures as well. The only choice is “who will be eaten now?”. From two colliding undeads, the most hungry wins, but that does not help as each of them has a small black hole inside, demanding for more and more.

A number of characters add up to a system, like a firm, a community, a job market or domestic IT. We can get three different types of such: 1) Elven alliance, 2) Human empire 3) Legions of Damned

Elven alliance implements projects directed at promoting eternal values. Colleagues have a right to mistake, they’re honest and open, client-oriented, they grow professionally and help each others to grow, protect interests of each other, checking if solutions suit them, their relatives and the world as a whole. They’re ready to detect, accept and fix their mistakes. For profanes elven work looks like a magic, like everything just appears from the air. And everything else, what we’ve read about from Tolkien as a children, and in classic books on personal growth and humanists writings in adult age.

Empire is born in fights. Everyone would like to give less and take more. As a result of continous collisions, some game rules are born(like traffic rules), which minimize losses for a system as a whole, by acceptable infringement of interests of each one. Everyone promotes their own truth and the one supported by a greatest power wins. Sometimes, projects are successful and socially useful, in others – unsucessfull and useless or even harmful. Almost everytime, they’re tough to implement and full of conflicts. And on rare occasion participants would like to work with the same team again. That’s normal state of the world – people and their adequate to reality struggle for a piece of bread. Only tiny piece of projects and organizations live in such mode. Aforementioned rules, written with blood, health and lives(no exaggregations) of previous generations now can be observed in laws, military regulations, bureaucratic systems, traffic rules, construction standarts, and other awekward and huge(thus being breached), but working systems of agreements.

Legions of Damned after forming a system are trying to settle who’ll just work and who’ll mmmjust eat. As characters levels raise, those methods get more sophisticated, appearance of physical awesomeness improves as well as methods of suffocating opponents with their own hands. Bunch of 80 lvl vampires fighting is a spectacular show(surely, if you’re protected from them by a thick terrarium glass, or, better with a number of binoculars glasses). Such systems need continous resource inflow from the outside. Sometimes, that’s centralized flow  of resources by means of allocated budgets, or sometimes fresh meat portions being unexperienced elves or younglings, or, at worst, less sucked undead usable for a certain time. Something good can be built only in case of oversight. But if you need to break something or squander a budget – that’s the very case. Unfortunately, modern job market is a great illustration of this type of system. Everyone wants lots of highly-qualified, cheap(or better free) staff, but can’t get anyone as vampires and zombies are around(and those masking not to be eaten), being professionally burned up at 35 and having bunch of irreversible health consequences at 45. Skill of quietly transferring job and responsibility and appropriating another’s results in time is the guarantee of survival and career growth. Ability to properly spread panic around the team and to agree with the boss is the key skill of a manager. The only used management practice – push & kick.

It’s not important which type of system you’ve joined, but rather how it suits you. By looking around and inside yourself, you can decide who are and how you’ve come here.

Next episodes will uncover how characters of different types are born, what happens to them in various systems and how systems evolve and transform between the types and what this all has to do with the Economics of personality.

War story: Persistent sales guy


Totally loved this story as a vivid illustration of a fundamental Sales principle: do the follow up. I strongly beleive that such examples are the very thing allowing us to throw away inner barriers(like this guy, who had followed up 48 times!). The story is about another one.

[ Originally translated from here (ru) ]

On my last job, we had a salesman, Vitya. He was closing just every deal, clients preffered to pay just to make him gone. Vitya had ridiculously large salary(and that’s only performance part, no base, just his fees). He tracked clients at shows, conferences, seminars, at muni, Ikea, cinemas, jets, was cold-calling, warm-calling. He appeared in person if he was tossed away on the phone, was calling if asked to be gone in person. He wasn’t reflecting, never pedaled back and was succeeding just everytime.

That was funny until that happened to me.

Currently I should transfer part of a job to an agency, they have such a wild Vitya on their side, only called Sasha. I’ve asked him to send me a contract – he brought it personally. I’ve sent him couple of questions – he offered to meet and discuss. “I don’t have time” – I say. “No worries, turn on the Skype, it will last for only half an hour”. The worst mistake was to give him my cell number. The day before yesterday he called, said we need to talk. “I can’t, I’m moving” – “No problems, I’ll get to you soon, we’ll talk and I’ll give you a hand with your stuff, give me your address”. In an hour called to check: “What’s up, have you packed everything yet? Aha, on your way? Tell me your address, I’ll help you to carry. Carried yet? Need help unpacking? Why you’re not telling me your address – I can help.”. Soon: “Where are you? Let me give you a lift to the work, I have the presentation with me”. In one more hour: “Why you’re not answering your mail? Is computer packed? Let me borrow you mine?

Yesterday he woke me up at 9:05, called back in an hour and did that again. Managed to send me 3 e-mails in between 10:00 and 13:00. First had a few sentences sharing new information, second expressed his worries about me not answering the first one, third one warned me that he’ll call if I won’t answer. Then he called. Five times.

Today I’ve turned my cell off. I should have some sleep sometimes.

Was by the office by noon, “Sasha called, call him back urgently, he suffers”. Got to HR, they say “Your cousin, Sasha just called, was asking your home address. Said just arrived from Norilsk but you haven’t met him yet, but promised. He’s at the Kazanskiy railway station, crying out loud near a taxophone.”

“My cousin is an idiot, trains from Norilsk do not arrive to Kazanskiy railway station. Lying should be pre-meditated sometimes”. Going to get some coffee at the kitchen – got called by the boss: “I’ve got called by Sasha, he’s asking if you’re alright? I told you were going to perform a parachute jump but was not sure if you did that or not”.

Checking my e-mail, got 5 letters. In first he’s interested, worried in second, angry by third, begrudging in fourth. Last one has the following: “Svetlana, I beg your appologies for the persistence. In my aspiration to move forward our common business, I might have crossed the line. I promise, I’ll be more discreet. I’m asking you last time. Please, make sure the bills will get paid. It’s very important for me. Make sure it will be payed today. I BELEIVE IN YOU! I BELIEVE”.

If his bill won’t be paid today, I swear I’ll set him on the accountant.