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Recap: HR PechaKucha

Yesterday I’ve used another opportunity to hang out with something other than my laptop at HR PechaKucha organized by Impact HUB.

Audience was mostly HR’s / recruiters from IT.

A few highlights below:

  1. Oleg suggested to scale a business as a number of types of services it provides rather than volume. It should keep customer relationships warm and people employed where the fit is the rightest
  2. Mariya from Bavarish House
    • surprised me that they actually teach people to talk English. She was also the one to break the PechaKucha rules by starting her speech with 2.5 mins long video
  3. Kateryna from Luxoft
    • among other things shared an interesting case where a priest attended their training center interviews and was actually the best in that batch               IMG_20150530_205031
  4. Konstantin revealed to me that:
    • there are people which actually enjoy 2.5 hour long personality tests even before talking to a company representative
    • there are companies sacking people based on personality tests                                          IMG_20150530_213011
    • + bunch of funky tests: Thomas test, Keirsey, Motivation by Gerchikov, Burnout by Rukavishnikov
  5. Julia from NetPeak sold their company’s idea to me
    • I’m amazed by anyone who know what is the need for corporate values (naming all of them for your company makes you an evangelist in my eyes).
    • she also had awesome slides                                                                  IMG_20150530_220511 IMG_20150530_220424
    • Chatting with her afterwards I’ve also learned that the internal processes are developed and maintained by the employees, not evasive manageme
  6. Olga confirmed that Lohika does have training labs as well as a mysterious development center in Romania (yay, vampires!)
  7. I was ranting about the recruiters misconduct in “Recruiters guide on how to properly repel candidate developers”
    • Tinder meat scroll
    • was invited to speak for a company (so others can line up, please!)
  8. Sasha was closing the event and shared a few tricks HUB Volunteer Service NGO uses to motivate people:
    • I loved the most the idea of paying with celebrities time
    • although there was a guy eager to do work in exchange of a bike (so Sasha lent him a one just to make the world better)
  9. Before the event we had a chat with Max and he shared an awesome strategy for aspiring yet-to-be-developers: create a Djinni profile

Special thanks to Svetlana Bugay and her soft skills training which inspired me to challenge my chicken-hearted developer soul with some public speaking.

Recap: HR Maverick recruitment training

This Saturday I’ve participated in a recruitment training by Vika Prydatko(also known for her HR-Maverick blog). I was lucky enough to join them just for half of the time(day 2) and as one of the two developer guinea pigs(I can’t remember a single other IT HR event advertising live devs being invited so it was kind of special already).

Disclaimer: I like her as a personality so that well be an influencing factor : )

TLDR: I can summarize the thing as “Recruitment with purpose”.



For a long time I felt like most of the recruitment contacts reaching out to me did that with the pipeline model in their head(e.g. mindlessly spamming more people –> more candidates respond –> more offers accepted –> more bonuses –> more Goa trips).

The training makes me think the situation is not that hopeless – identifying and matching candidates(and companies) needs and core values were the cornerstone of everything. I can confirm that surprisingly this works in longterm – I’m more willing to talk and try projects suggested by recruiters respecting my interests.

Apart from having alive devs(us) to validate / elaborate on the points being made, Vika prepared a few nice practical games : ) Overall it was more of a facilitated discussion with lots of real life cases, so spending the whole day there was easy as a pie(why I never had that in my university? :'( ).

It also made sense to take notes as people were sharing lots of ideas, tricks and models. I loved the training a lot!

A few field notes:

  • The simplest way to make candidate feel better about the company is to suggest a nice sandwich — I never had that experience and imagining that makes me agree 110%
  • Psychotests are ~20-30% valid so relying just on them(or making people spend an hour filling them) is not the most efficient strategy
  • Myers Briggs tests are kind of nice – you can have fun applying that to yourself : )
  • Herzberg motivation theory
  • Spiral dynamics
  • Money dust cartoon
  • Funky “Forgot to feed the cat” notebook
  • Standard hackneyed interview questions can be reframed into something of a higher meaning: “Why you’d like to work for our company?” –> “From the things I’ve told you about the company so far, which were the most interesting to you?”
  • <3 Some people/companies do propagate interview feedback meaningfully back to a candidate

Follow up: java.io

Experimental from the ground up, this event is quite unusual landmark on Ukrainian IT scene.

Imagine 50+ IT dudes networking simultaneously at the beginning:

DSC_0251 Panorama

Later on continued with a series of Lightning Talks – we’re not on schedule, but people are happy and engaged. “Troll me, please” – the speakers request.


What do we do with engaged audience in Ukraine? We make them vote! We’ve picked a technology area to evaluate in groups and done a quick research on that.

Lights out! For real :) But that’s still not a problem. I love it.

SEO piece: Java networking, networking java, networking. When you are a Java and you do a networking – join us. Beware! We do networking without any sockets here ;)

I imagine networking taken to a different level next time: a few technologies picked, leads are chosen and teams do work remotely for a while to reconnect at the event and share the findings and embrace each other in a real world now.

To organizers: two weeks passed since the event, and I’m still inspired – thank you. Please-please-please! Let’s do that again?

More photos ] [ Event page ]