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Kiss Your Woman III: Launch stats

While my programmer woman is taking a break, I’m going to go ahead and start working on our marketing strategy.

Launch stats

Our first announcement happened on a few social networks:

  • Facebook ~ 1000
  • Vk ~ 500

Surprisingly to me, we were supported with a few reposts(like 4) accounting for like half of the total traffic(the second hump).

Screenshot 2015-01-22 13.26.18

I’m not sure about how many views actually happened as a result, but those had converted to ~150 hits to the registration page.

In the end we have received 6 e-mail signups.

All the cool marketers would draw a pipeline. Mine looks like this:

[ 1500 ]—-( 10% )—->[ 150 ]—-( 4% )—->[ 6 ]

Estimating budget

What’s cool about the pipelines is that now I can estimate how much resources I need to spent to get to a number I want.


E.g. if I need 100 users and Google Ads cost 1 UAH per click, I need:

100 users * 1 UAH / 0.04 = 2500 UAH

Which is not terrible amount of money but stands out compared to average salary in Ukraine of 3000 UAH (:

Btw, 1UAH per click was chosen at random – google now shows 15..40 UAH which makes things even more interesting.

Anything wrong?

Although 4% conversion doesn’t seem that bad compared to the industry average, higher values can be achieved.



Better targeting(no more spamming all the friends) and improving the landing page(yay my non-english speaking friends) are the low hanging fruits.

What’s next?

I’m letting a Google ad into the wild and let’s see how it works – more reports to follow : )

When Olga will return, she’ll have even more fans to code for! ^_^

P.S. KissYourWoman.com is a relationship nurturing tool. Join us!

Sleeping pod types

One of the things I continuously miss is a place to have a nap. Polyspastic sleep cycle is a fun thing, but missing a single nap in time can quickly break me apart. With this post I’m starting my journey towards increasing the number of spots anyone can have a nap at :)

Although, a yoga carpet can be a good start, my construction itch requires a fancier target. A few picies below suggest what can it look like:

Screenshot 2014-06-05 16.50.12 Screenshot 2014-06-05 16.50.02 box1 box2 box3 box4 box5

  • Legs being above the head level is something I liked in past(like in pics 3 and 6)
  • Protection from the light and sound is also something cool(1)
  • It’s super cool to support the awakening with the automatic posture change(6)
  • Cardboard  can be used as a cheap prototyping material(7)

I’ll start the construction early next week in our HackLab – stay tuned!

I’m a kitten and I don’t care, I want purr-purr-purr…

purr0   You know, I live this life of ‘interested in startups’ person. I attend meetups, read Paul Grahams essays and reason about lean principles
iboxapplied to everything, but I DO NOTHING.  My Evernote ‘ideaBox’ tag has 50+ entries and I still DID NOTHING, I come up with something, take a note and reason why I should not do this now and later I think why I should not do the thing at all.  I’ve read about this ‘decide and go for it immediately’ principle lots of times in a different facets but it always was left behind.

So I’ve spent a while today silently bitching about how the life sucks. I did my work-related pile automation and while the thing was crunching through the numbers, noded off.

Sleep raised my energy level so I went to activities my ego is not comfortable about: chasing contacts for my friend and telling the truth. Kittens are ok about both activites. They’re ok about everything. And I was particularly inspired by my taking something like 0.5 sec to convert herself from a sleepy glomerulus to a swift shadow of a tail – I really want to be a very one too!

Here’s the deal: I’ll write an Android app being your couch in being a kitten. You’ll love it.