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About bullshit

I just felt today that I had a very little amount of moments in my life when I did some bullshit consciously. Even more, I thought that most people do little to no bullshit consciously too. The most important part here is that bullshit is a very relative concept (the same thing can be brilliant for me when I’m stuffed with energetics and very bullshit once I’m tired).

This dude does no bullshit

Those folks do no bullshit

gopnik, гопники

What’s interesting, I can imagine how each of the examples from the above can say that the other example is doing bullshit. Professor is tinkering with a weird thingy which can be bullshit if viewed from the point of you of the guys. Guys presumably like to punch other guys which can be bullshit from the point of view of the professor.

Today I’ve figured that our rejection to do bullshit actually limits us.

People suffer from the same problems for years, because (almost quoting real people):

  • Trainings are bullshit
  • Coaches are bullshit
  • Paying moneyz where I can do myself for free and better is bullshit – that’s stereotypically very american thing
  • Doctors, medicines and vaccinations are bullshit – in the old days people were ok without these
  • Being vegan is bullshit
  • Eating animal flesh is bullshit
  • Politics is bullshit

I won’t be asking you to enroll for a training, buying a course or hiring a coach in your gym. Start simple:

  • Try returning back home using another route than you’re used to
  • If you’ll see somebody doing bullshit – be curious and ask them what is the idea of that and try the thing for yourself

You can share your findings here. I bit you more of useful bullshit in your life.

Radio channel streams on the internet

I’ve already shared some of the video’s which I use to overcome the rainy days. Another bit which is keeping my eyes shining is the set of Ukrainian radio channels I tune into even when I’m far away from the homeland.

Radio streams

Stream links are iTunes friendly (you can do File > Open Stream and paste the link there), something like that works in other players (if anybody still uses Winamp).

  1. Puree (pop/electronic) [stream]
  2. DjFM (electronic/pop) [stream]
  3. KissFM (electronic) [stream]
  4. Prosto Radio Kiev (pop) [stream]
  5. Radio A (pop/indie) [stream]
  6. Kiev Rebel Radio [stream]
  7. Radio ROKS (rock) [stream]


Mixtapes by my friends: calm stuff


Other stuff

Yeah, I’ve heard about Spotify but I’m kind of a dinosaur in this respect : ) Radios work for me just fine yet : )

Tune in, enjoy and share your picks!