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Now we’re SSL

The blog is served over SSL now. Please let me know if you see any issues.

I had a few reasons to do that:

  • Vadym‘s router is poisoned from time to time so all the unprotected sites are injected with spammy content whenever I use his WiFi spot
  • Olga has 5 times more traffic than I do and I want to catch up. Some people say Google ranks SSLish sites higher
  • Blog’s admin password will no longer be sent in clear text when I will login from another McDonald’s

I was postponing the move for a while because of two cheap excuses:

  1. promising myself to do that after ensuring that the restores from backups would work (actually they did not)
  2. awaiting for Let’s Encrypt to be ready (no, that’s not true as of yet)

Compared to having conversations with all those complex people, technicalities should be my opportunity to shine. Yet regular unproductive brain patterns follow me everywhere.

Currently I’m evaluating free option from startssl.
Instructions which worked for me can be found here.


NSA dudes, sorry, not this time :Р