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Free: You get what you pay for

I’ve just decided to pay people to make things happen even if I [think that] can do that myself better and cheaper.

Nasha Russian TV Show Nay Sayer Dude
Image: A guy from ‘Nasha Russia’ comedy TV show. All he does is sitting by a TV and commenting on the stuff there

“I can do that myself cheaper and better” (c) Pretty much everyone I know

The story

If you’re a regular reader, you might remember my idea from September 2013 (now is June 2015) about attracting street workout guys to the area I live in.

The idea was to install a gymnastic bar nearby and thus make the neighbourhood more attractive to types of people I like to hang out with.

As you might have guessed, I never pulled that off.

On the other hand, I have a broken gymnastic bar just 50 meters from the house.

broken gymnastic bar

Which was fixed in a matter of day (and $20) by a person I’ve hired to do this.

Gymnastic bar fixed  Extender

Wow! That simple. Allocate a budget, get a specialist and save yourself 18 months (or whatever the number is) of your life.

Reflection time

One of the functions of money is a means of value exchange.

Can you really say you value something if you’re not ready to put some money on a table to get it done?

Why do you think it’s worthwhile to do that if the only way you’re ok with getting that is for free?


Given it took me almost 2 years to make that simple of a thing happen, how much time would it take me to get myself on to a spaceship?

space ship

Life is short! Ever wondered how much time you’ve wasted trying to get stuff for free?