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The Achievationers Book :: Chapter IV

04/ Don’t tie yourself to a single goal

Achievationer always has a plan “B”

Hard luck or a failure are primarily consequences of a backup plan absence. When all the hopes are about one thing and everything is on the line. Whenever all the eggs are in the same basket.

Asswrinklers have an “emergency exit”. Which is being used in case of hard luck, to get away: just to keep the ass intact.

Achievationers do differ. No luck with “Renault” – let’s try with “Peugeot”; does not work with a camel, let’s give it a try with an elephant; head-on won’t work – let’s try sideways or from the back. There always exists a choice among a set of equivalent(in terms of pressure) options. So every path will be awesome – this way and that. Whenever there’s a single path to the awesomeness – the things are rotten at the very moment.

Don’t put everything on the line. That will lead you to the asswrinklers cycle of perceiving only things which do confirm your plan and winking at everything else. This way it’s easy to get yourself into something and when you’ll do that, you won’t even notice: everything was going just as expected. Counting only votes for the plan and ignoring the rest just does not work whenever majority is the rest : ) And if you have plan “B” or, better “C” through “Z”, then the life is easier. Billiard is funkier that way. Instead of a single ball to a single pocket game, you have a dozen opportunities. And just pick one which is closer to a pocket. Which of your plans is the easiest to come true. That’s closer to what life is. Unrequited love, broken career, birth of a looser – everything is the absence of a backup plans.

Want to be outsider? – Ditch your “B” plan.

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The Achievationers Book :: Chapter III

03/ Catch the wind

Achievation – is when every wind as a tailwind.

Own inertia diminishes with time. That’s why it’s important to have some energetic winds blowing from the outside.

Everything happening around you can be such a wind. Everything which changes. Calm is the worst case. When no winds blow. When nothing carries you. No luck.

The more changes – the better.

Like sailfish. Left the port, caught a wind, were waiting for a different now – everyone is upset. Then being caught by calm, realize that any wind is better. Everyone will be happy to feel any wind, any puff, just to leave the place.

People also suffer from this: they spent a year, two, fifteen on a same spot. Nothing happens. People go nuts from boredom. Too late. Catching up with regatta is no longer possible. All because of turning up your nose at all the past winds.

How do people happen to be cause by asswrinkler swamps? They stop catching winds. That sucks. And that sucks in. Fuel is over and wind is no more.

It’s better to await for a wind as a tailwind, wonder which way he goes and believe it’s your tailwind as well. Then it will become the one. Then whenever you’re carried to, you have everything you need there.

The fact of the sole existence of a blowing wind is a luck already. Meaning, you may have some luck from that.

The Achievationers Book :: Chapters I, II

Hereby I start translating an awesome piece of an inspiring read.


Achivation is:

  • to live easily;
  • don’t stop, when it’s tailwind;
  • when each and every wind is tailwind;
  • when you always have “Plan B”;
  • when changes make you glad;

Also it is:

  • to live happily;
  • when desired goals exist everywhere;
  • when you’re always carried to the goals;
  • when you’re always moving;
  • when you know the lifehacks;

‘Achievation’ and ‘achievationer’ are made up words, but pretty much the initial Russian equivalent in the sense of being based on ‘achievement’ word.

An asswrinkler is just the opposite of an achievator. [Translator]

01/ Live lightly

Achievation – is when it’s easy to live.

When it’s easy to live? When you do something and everyone around helps you with that. Or, at least, nothing disrupts you. Everyone and everything. When you don’t exert yourself. When you don’t knock yourself out. When you don’t pee against the wind. When you enter a market at an unknown town – and you’re popular, beloved and respected there already. When the life is like a jennie. Each and every intention is met openly and supported. Applauses and cheering.

What’s when it’s hard to live? Bicycle principle: whenever you go somewhere – always uphill and up the wind. Wind does not blow the required direction and desired direction does not meet with the wind.

living lightly is always like moving downhill and with the tailwind.

Just to use your own energy for your own happiness. For your pleasure.

And to achieve more in your life.

02/ Don’t stop when it’s tailwind

Achievation – not to stop, when it’s tailwind

Follow your AHA-reflex. Don’t think and don’t compare. When you have luck right now – grab it immediately. Speed is the thing, not frowning farsightedness.

Asswrinkler, when offered something “as is, for free”, rejects. As “free cheese is only found in a mousetrap”. Later, being sorry about the rejection. What if that was not a mousetrap?

Like in a joke. There was a religious comrade, which when the Flood started, prayed the Lord to save him. There was one boat trying to help him, and another, and yet another one and he rejected all of them: “God will save me” – he said. And when he finally drowned, he asked the Lord: “Why you haven’t helped me?”, and got the answer: “Dude, why do you think those boats were sent?”. So grab your luck immediately.

How it usually happens? Stuff is sold cheaply, but right now. Who reacts immediately – wins. Some will crank up on it later. When you can do it right now  – that helps. And costs less.

On the other side, “don’t stop when it’s tail wind” is also about where are you right now. Right now is the thing here. Even if you haven’t bought a toy, still, you trained your desirilator organ. Like you chose one, walking to a cash desk and *BANG* – you now think it inspires you no longer. And like two feet away from the cash desk. Asswrinkler will make the purchase, as the decision was made already! Achievationer will just turn around and walk away. Changed their mind! Unwrap the thing.

‘Desirilator’ is made up to be close to ‘desire’. Desire is the very reason to achieve things.[Translator]

You don’t need to think. Figure out.