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5am – the whole new world :)

One of the differentiating moments about participating 5am club is that you have more time. Those distinguished precious moments, when the whole world is just yours. It’s all yours, there’s no stuff to distract you and… it may be boring – there’s nothing to kill time with. God spent a whole week filling in emptieness and now I feel pretty much the same about my mornings :)

So my 5am ‘creation day one’ thing is to introduce exercising on a gymnastic bar(I should have installed that 5 years ago). I like the warmth in my muscules and ready to do some learning now.

Welcome to 5am club

Today I’ve rediscovered the value of getting up early. It’s a whole new world belonging to just me, my values and goals. I did just as Robin Sharma in his recent video suggested 20-20-20 and it was awesome:

  • 20 mins exercise – to repel drowsiness and get some dopamine
  • 20 mins plan – to get yourself out of reactive cycle, recall all the things you value and act accordingly
  • 20 mins learn something new

I love the mornings ^_^ Join the club ;)