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#четамухохлов for English speakers

If you’re wondered what does ‘#четамухохлов’ mean, this post is just for you.

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Language basics

Hoholók (ru. Хохолок) – forelock. You can see one on drawn on Walt’s head on the image below. Also please note tilde above o letter is just to signify the pronunciation.


This hair style is a part part of Ukrainian Cossacks heritage. Basically these were free people living in the wild territories of what is central Ukraine now.

Hohól (ru. хохол) is often a derogatory term used by Russians when referring to a Ukrainain.

‘че там у хохолов’ is basically ‘what is heard of Ukrainians’ said in slang-ish and often derogatory way.

Why it’s trending?

Russian state TV trending topic for the past year was how bad is situation in Ukraine to distract Russians from their own situation.

Thus the hashtag is ridiculing the Russians interest to Ukrainian problems while ignoring their own.

Image: ridiculing at Russia-24 (famous for propaganda) branding with the meme. Background is independence square in Kyiv, Ukraine

Possible origins

Earliest thing I’ve discovered was Andrij Bondar‘s facebook account being blocked because of few poems involving the meme words.

Can I have more?

Sure, follow along at yhohlov.com (source for all the images!) or on twitter.



I’m loving this, how can I help?

Thanks for asking! Just share and repost – education transforms the world : )