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#четамухохлов for English speakers

If you’re wondered what does ‘#четамухохлов’ mean, this post is just for you.

Screenshot 2015-04-22 12.12.17

Language basics

Hoholók (ru. Хохолок) – forelock. You can see one on drawn on Walt’s head on the image below. Also please note tilde above o letter is just to signify the pronunciation.


This hair style is a part part of Ukrainian Cossacks heritage. Basically these were free people living in the wild territories of what is central Ukraine now.

Hohól (ru. хохол) is often a derogatory term used by Russians when referring to a Ukrainain.

‘че там у хохолов’ is basically ‘what is heard of Ukrainians’ said in slang-ish and often derogatory way.

Why it’s trending?

Russian state TV trending topic for the past year was how bad is situation in Ukraine to distract Russians from their own situation.

Thus the hashtag is ridiculing the Russians interest to Ukrainian problems while ignoring their own.

Image: ridiculing at Russia-24 (famous for propaganda) branding with the meme. Background is independence square in Kyiv, Ukraine

Possible origins

Earliest thing I’ve discovered was Andrij Bondar‘s facebook account being blocked because of few poems involving the meme words.

Can I have more?

Sure, follow along at (source for all the images!) or on twitter.



I’m loving this, how can I help?

Thanks for asking! Just share and repost – education transforms the world : )

How to talk to a potential recruit: A successful random recruiter’s guide

5735037Recruiters are not annoying! I’m just communicating with them in a wrong way (no sarcasm intended).

Yesterday I had an awesome chat with a recruiter who explained that I’m the one to be blamed for all the problems with mis-approaching me by recruiters. I basically provided no info on how to approach me and then just complained :| Let’s fix this!

The guide

If you’re trying to talk me into being hired, please:

  1. Tell me where you’ve got my contact from
  2. Be ready for a two-sided conversation to happen (“Please send me a resume if interested” = no-no)
  3. Prefer informal style chats (Russian/Ukrainian languages have whole bunch of words which have formal/informal forms, like we have ‘you’ word of two kinds, English speaking please refrain from using ‘mister’ etc)
  4. Prefer communication channels giving me the freedom of answering later (e.g. LinkedIn is much better than Skype)
  5. Describe the idea of the project / problem it solves
  6. Include as much details as possible (I’m still a lot better at reading than at chatting with people)
  7. Don’t ask ‘can I ask you a question?’ – life is short (and that thing is already a question asked without a permission)
  8. Don’t try to buy my soul with a relocation :P
  9. Don’t ask me about my salary expectations:
    1. I have experience offering my services / actually working for free where I liked the idea
    2. Best thing you can do: include your budget (surely can be a range) together with the rest of the information
  10. Think strategically: I probably won’t satisfy your query especially in asap mode (*wink*) but I will gladly provide some leads now and later if I remember who you are. Vika‘s trick revealed (:

P.S. If you’re reading this post you’re probably better of than many : )
P.S.S. +1 to your reputation if you’ll tell me this code anywhere during the introduction 0xcafebabe (I’m pretty serious btw)
P.S.S.S. If you never asked people what it feels like to receive your introduction letter – ask me, I’m always open to give some feedback

Productivity carrot: I’ve just started hating my task tracker less

I think next week I’ll double the amount of the things done and below I’ll tell you why.

Motivating with a stick

Using task management systems for personal productivity largely was guilt building exercise for me: I just add notes when I’m excited but I can’t do things and afterwards I totally forget what was so exciting about the thing I’m willing to do. So there’s no surprise I’m always nervous about reviewing my todo list (:

Homework: ask 10 people about their plans for the quarter, 2 will tell you something concrete other than “None”, interview them after the quarter, see more sad faces around.

Travelers probably have better chances of keeping their smile intact: for me it’s been easier to tell “In 3 month I’ll be in …”, book a ticket and then my airline will do everything to make sure. Done – I’ve got something accomplished!

The stick sticks!

Another problem is that ill-defined tasks seem to stay there for ages. For example I’m tasked with legally getting myself driving rights. In Ukraine that means 2+ months of wasted time.

That’s probably one of the reasons I don’t have Premium account with Trello (although they’re totally awesome). Staring at a bunch of text saying about things I haven’t done or I’m supposed to do during next few months is a super frustrating experience for me

Carrots time

I would not write a post just to complain. I seem to have discovered a solution to part of my pains.

The idea is to have a super sexy image celebrating the results of my work

  1. More task items done means more images reminding me of pleasant emotions
  2. No need for other people to evaluate that to release another dose of endorphin (and my experience says that autonomy drives productivity improvements)
  3. I guess I will end up doing nothing but moving pictures back and forth thus evolving to finally get myself a Pinterest account

Screenshot 2015-04-08 21
Image: I’ve figured out a workaroundish way of attaching the rear view mirror to my bicycle helmet so I’m ready to open another endorphin flood gates


If you’re using emotions to get a bump in productivity – inject more of them into your blood stream with your task list.

(I’m already imaging myself asking my colleagues to smile for me so that I can attach that to a task tracking fixing a problem!)

Have fun, build stuff and drink responsibly – California is in drought!