Daily Archives: 2015-01-11

Stepping forward, no matter how small

Almost 2 weeks had passed since our start with KissYourWoman.com and nothing had happened. Like at all. Enumerating all the excuses won’t help as they don’t tell me what to do to move things further, so I’ll be telling you about the attempt to cure this.

Thinking about that reminded me of 6 people I can remember straight away which were curious about becoming a Java programmer, asked me, I handed them the plan summarizing my story and… nothing happened.

And awesome Learning how to learn, amongst other things suggesting to do whatever stupid but small and regular steps.

So small and stupid we did it. A neat drawing of a screen, LayoutIt!, some attention of a caring engineer and let’s care about project plans, awesome frameworks(hi, rails!) later.

May the fun be with us now (:


Applying all of that to myself(and given that I’m into sales), I should find a sales person and stick with them until I”ll become a one.

Mosquito bites stat


I went ahead and calculated all the mosquito bites I had received here before buying the mosquito net. All the easily accessible ones(like excluding back, head etc) totaled 48! (:

I’d attribute most of these to the first 2 hours of the night with no repellents.