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Kiss Your Woman III: Launch stats

While my programmer woman is taking a break, I’m going to go ahead and start working on our marketing strategy.

Launch stats

Our first announcement happened on a few social networks:

  • Facebook ~ 1000
  • Vk ~ 500

Surprisingly to me, we were supported with a few reposts(like 4) accounting for like half of the total traffic(the second hump).

Screenshot 2015-01-22 13.26.18

I’m not sure about how many views actually happened as a result, but those had converted to ~150 hits to the registration page.

In the end we have received 6 e-mail signups.

All the cool marketers would draw a pipeline. Mine looks like this:

[ 1500 ]—-( 10% )—->[ 150 ]—-( 4% )—->[ 6 ]

Estimating budget

What’s cool about the pipelines is that now I can estimate how much resources I need to spent to get to a number I want.


E.g. if I need 100 users and Google Ads cost 1 UAH per click, I need:

100 users * 1 UAH / 0.04 = 2500 UAH

Which is not terrible amount of money but stands out compared to average salary in Ukraine of 3000 UAH (:

Btw, 1UAH per click was chosen at random – google now shows 15..40 UAH which makes things even more interesting.

Anything wrong?

Although 4% conversion doesn’t seem that bad compared to the industry average, higher values can be achieved.



Better targeting(no more spamming all the friends) and improving the landing page(yay my non-english speaking friends) are the low hanging fruits.

What’s next?

I’m letting a Google ad into the wild and let’s see how it works – more reports to follow : )

When Olga will return, she’ll have even more fans to code for! ^_^

P.S. is a relationship nurturing tool. Join us!

Stepping forward, no matter how small

Almost 2 weeks had passed since our start with and nothing had happened. Like at all. Enumerating all the excuses won’t help as they don’t tell me what to do to move things further, so I’ll be telling you about the attempt to cure this.

Thinking about that reminded me of 6 people I can remember straight away which were curious about becoming a Java programmer, asked me, I handed them the plan summarizing my story and… nothing happened.

And awesome Learning how to learn, amongst other things suggesting to do whatever stupid but small and regular steps.

So small and stupid we did it. A neat drawing of a screen, LayoutIt!, some attention of a caring engineer and let’s care about project plans, awesome frameworks(hi, rails!) later.

May the fun be with us now (:


Applying all of that to myself(and given that I’m into sales), I should find a sales person and stick with them until I”ll become a one.

Mosquito bites stat


I went ahead and calculated all the mosquito bites I had received here before buying the mosquito net. All the easily accessible ones(like excluding back, head etc) totaled 48! (:

I’d attribute most of these to the first 2 hours of the night with no repellents.

My story of working remotely

Being asked about this on a regular basis, I’ve decided to document my story with telecommuting.

Currently my experience in the area is about 2 years working out of the offices out of almost 7 years(all of which were working in distributed teams).

Disclaimer: this article is not about how to quit working. I do code 4…15 hrs almost every day, and though I earn more than average Ukrainian engineer(, I don’t see how I possibly can stop – I’m addicted! : )

Disclaimer to disclaimer: why would telecommuting be related to quitting working? Because I hear about that mostly in a context of quitting working for someone. And I do enjoy being useful for other people(yay weird traumas).

My story of telecommuting

First taste. Days

First I’ve tried the taste of working remotely somewhere in 2008/9. Crisis just started and customers were picky. I’ve just recently entered the profession and managed to catch a cold in midst of my second billable project(first one was put on ice because of the crisis). Long story goes short. I was good, project needed me to deliver on time so all the sign-offs happened quickly. I loved this company a lot, but then I grew up and decided to lead a team for a while. Offer to do this in a year was not matching to my vision of myself, so I quit.

Love is the answer. Weeks

I’ve thought that I would love to prove myself as a team lead and was suggested to try that in… a year. I’ve found nobody in my home city was ready to give me that straight away, so my next employer happened in a few more years in Odessa.

Thus I had one more excuse to telecommute – visiting my relatives in Kiev(which I didn’t use until the very late). I was working from whichever place I could because I loved the project and because of the time differences (we had folks +8hrs from us in Vladivostok and -10 hrs in San Francisco) and synchronizing with all of them was of major importance to me. Later on I fell in love with a girl from another city spending a few weeks in her place. I can’t say my leaves were appreciated(*wink*), but nobody was firing me while I was bringing the cash in the house.


Because of whatever political reasons we’ve lost the customer and I’ve decided to return to Kiev. Teamleading was thus no longer a valid option(my office was still in Odessa *sigh*), so the company & immediate management was going to lose me.

Accidentally my friend offered me a job supporting an internal project(which was lots of fun as I it made me excited about the sales and related stuff). I’ve decided that it would be fun to become a sales engineer person and I was presented with an opportunity to become a one in… a year(why people are not saying simpler yes/no things?).

So I quit and while interviewing one of my sales engineer friends, I was offered to check out their office and fell in love again.


That last company was luck again and soon I’ll be celebrating my year as a remote person(though, almost quarter of that I was visiting our offices).

I love the people so much that I’m gonna commit to stay in one of the locations for a while. Telecommuting is dead? Long live telecommuting!

Random stuff

I won’t be summarizing anything as the stuff from above is just a story and your actions is what counts towards the result.