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Recap: HR Maverick recruitment training

This Saturday I’ve participated in a recruitment training by Vika Prydatko(also known for her HR-Maverick blog). I was lucky enough to join them just for half of the time(day 2) and as one of the two developer guinea pigs(I can’t remember a single other IT HR event advertising live devs being invited so it was kind of special already).

Disclaimer: I like her as a personality so that well be an influencing factor : )

TLDR: I can summarize the thing as “Recruitment with purpose”.



For a long time I felt like most of the recruitment contacts reaching out to me did that with the pipeline model in their head(e.g. mindlessly spamming more people –> more candidates respond –> more offers accepted –> more bonuses –> more Goa trips).

The training makes me think the situation is not that hopeless – identifying and matching candidates(and companies) needs and core values were the cornerstone of everything. I can confirm that surprisingly this works in longterm – I’m more willing to talk and try projects suggested by recruiters respecting my interests.

Apart from having alive devs(us) to validate / elaborate on the points being made, Vika prepared a few nice practical games : ) Overall it was more of a facilitated discussion with lots of real life cases, so spending the whole day there was easy as a pie(why I never had that in my university? :'( ).

It also made sense to take notes as people were sharing lots of ideas, tricks and models. I loved the training a lot!

A few field notes:

  • The simplest way to make candidate feel better about the company is to suggest a nice sandwich — I never had that experience and imagining that makes me agree 110%
  • Psychotests are ~20-30% valid so relying just on them(or making people spend an hour filling them) is not the most efficient strategy
  • Myers Briggs tests are kind of nice – you can have fun applying that to yourself : )
  • Herzberg motivation theory
  • Spiral dynamics
  • Money dust cartoon
  • Funky “Forgot to feed the cat” notebook
  • Standard hackneyed interview questions can be reframed into something of a higher meaning: “Why you’d like to work for our company?” –> “From the things I’ve told you about the company so far, which were the most interesting to you?”
  • <3 Some people/companies do propagate interview feedback meaningfully back to a candidate