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A few picies from Berlin

Now that I’ve spent almost 2 weeks in Berlin(mostly western), I can try to summarize my observations.

I think I can do that with a few titles: history, planned chaos, immigrants. See some photos(clickable) and notes below.





Berlin has lots of these old-fashioned water sources, mostly capable of giving you some drinkable water.



IMG_20140731_160739 IMG_20140731_165625 IMG_20140731_165912 IMG_20140801_145926


100th and 200th bus routes starting by the Berlin Zoo being filled with doubledeckers provide an excellent site seeing opportunity at low cost.

I’d say it’s better to do that early in the mornings when the frontal places have more changes to be free of other curious people.




Being an airport for a while, Tempelhof was turned into a huge park.





Stolpersteins(“stumbling blocks”) – most of the historical buildings have those brass plates commemorating victims of Holocaust

Planned chaos recreation



Bright colored asymmetry all around. Unusual color patterns and unexpected bumps reach a few sensory systems one by one and I’m excited by the effect.





Some of the bike parking places embrace the chaos too.





Subway(U-Bahn here) stations are not afraid to look not serious and funny.





A few pieces of virtually anything, some love and bright colors – voila, we’ve got a yet another installation for a playground.




IMG_20140731_151028  IMG_20140802_111307 IMG_20140801_151542 IMG_20140801_151546 IMG_20140802_205130 IMG_20140803_133243 IMG_20140803_151957 IMG_20140803_163040




Ukrainian car owners I chatted with occasionally call cyclists something like ‘crunchies’ or ‘crispies’, because better shield people from the outside. Here it is not a problem, cyclists are just that important too.




Lots of greens and parks make Berlin greener city than Kiev(which was always praised for being a park city).

Blue(and pink) temporary water pipes for construction sites all over the city make it look like Dnipropetrovsk in a way, but pipes there transfer gas and are permanent solution :)



Most of the people I’ve met here playing frisbee or being introduced by my friends were immigrants(wikipedia says it’s like a third part of the population). What’s cool about that is being new to a country you always need to achieve something and I love such people : )

Also compared to Ukraine(wink) I’ve never had a problem using English. And shawarma was generally better : )