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Don’t confuse me with an optimist

Recently I was judged to be an optimist, which is not quite the case. Let’s find out what the difference is and try to get a feel of that.

Optimism is a mental attitude or world view that interprets situations and events as being best (optimized), meaning that in some way for factors that may not be fully comprehended, the present moment is in an optimum state. The concept is typically extended to include the attitude of hope for future conditions unfolding as optimal as well.

Case 1.
Person: we’ve screwed the search puzzle by picking the wrong route
Me: I feel like I understand the logic better now

Case 2.
Person: I hate playing without a navigator person
Me: I’ll fill in the gap next time

I don’t hope for the better future here, neither do I speculate about the universe(factors that may not be fully comprehended). I only have me, myself and I playing with my words and thoughts, putting them in a way which makes the experience actionable and empowering.


If you’d like to get a feel of that try this:knuckles

1. Get yourself a timer
2. Pick a challenging pose
3. Measure your time and notice all the thoughts in your head, in my case I always end up with something like “Oh, I’m tired”, “It hurts”, “It’s raining”, “I’ll do my best next time” — this will be specific to you, but I’m including a good set of excuses as a youtube video[1]
4. take some rest
5. try once again but closer to the end nurse a different set of thoughts, I’m particularly excited by “This current moment represents my whole life, following the wuss route now, I’m accepting that for all”, also having a beautiful girl nearby helps :)

I bet you’ll be better at p5 than at p3.


Now that you noticed how your thoughts can kneecap you or support your goals achievement. Whichever you choose?

[1] Nike ‘No excuses’ commericial

Sleeping pod types

One of the things I continuously miss is a place to have a nap. Polyspastic sleep cycle is a fun thing, but missing a single nap in time can quickly break me apart. With this post I’m starting my journey towards increasing the number of spots anyone can have a nap at :)

Although, a yoga carpet can be a good start, my construction itch requires a fancier target. A few picies below suggest what can it look like:

Screenshot 2014-06-05 16.50.12 Screenshot 2014-06-05 16.50.02 box1 box2 box3 box4 box5

  • Legs being above the head level is something I liked in past(like in pics 3 and 6)
  • Protection from the light and sound is also something cool(1)
  • It’s super cool to support the awakening with the automatic posture change(6)
  • Cardboard  can be used as a cheap prototyping material(7)

I’ll start the construction early next week in our HackLab – stay tuned!

Knowledge sharing is the key

Of the ideas I’ve grasped from the economics of personality cycle was the one that after reaching some point of decency in your life it makes sense to make sure that people around you live good too as at some point all of your descendants will share a lot.

In a shorter term making ten people around me earn an additional grand per year each makes me richer too. I don’t mean all of the additional resources will be at my full control, it’s just me being ‘happier’ because people around are. I think there’s some financial way to express this by means of investing into shared infrastructure or something.

And it bugs me a lot. The only way of earning resources I know of is to earn more of them to someone else and get a share of that. Which requires a decent amount of knowledge itself, which requires a time investment.

I also strongly believe that by changing the information available to people, we can fix the issues I’d like to:

  • Unscientific shares(e.g. a recent one whereby rice in Crimea was all gone due to problems with water, so the post suggested that rice is not Slavic enough)
  • Hatred speeches(e.g. Americans are stupid, while Slavic culture is superior)
  • Harmful ways to earn money(e.g. guys selling drugs in my neighborhood)
  • Harmful ways to recreate(e.g. alcohol, drugs)

In my world the answer to all this is to share: to teach people, tell them stories, show them pictures, so that their broadened view will contain a few decent lifestyle choices to pick from.

And for that I need to do something useful on my own too :) That’s my fairytale to get a particular thing done, yay sleeping pods!