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Kyivmarathon 10km impressions


As usual, a cute friend of mine invited me to 21km run and disappeared leaving me to deal with the challenges myself : )

I screwed my part in turn by only attempting to register when 10 km ones were left open. Given my life long record of running 2km max(which is enough to both sedate me for a day and prevent from further attempts for a year), I accepted the challenge.


I gave it a try Bartney Stinson style: “Step 1: start running, there is no step 2”.


Luckily, I was told a few worthwhile things in advance:

  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Have something easily digestable
  • Keep running no matter what


-0.2km I need some place to have a pee! Oh, god, need to run.

0km It took like 2 mins for all the crowd around the starting point to actually pass through. Luckily, I had an electronic chip to checkpoint my start and end time(still waiting for the results to be processed and e-mailed).

2.5km My first psychological barrier broken. There was a music spot there giving me additional boost. I was lucky enough to follow a pair of some nice buttocks, giving me something else to concentrate on instead of my ever failing breath rythm.

Time to turn my music on to dope myself a little bit!

4km It was funky to realize that I can keep going. Unfortunately this piece of distance was going along side some traffic, thus making the air not that sweet as previously. Additionally I was seriously considering to pee from the bridge.

I felt both overheated and cold at the time – goose pimples all over my body made me feel like a piece of burning something.

5km Whoa! Get a cup, spit out all the water and throw the thing the funkiest way possible! I should turn here, shouldn’t I?

5.2km Going back now!

6km It seems I’m running slower than some people are walking. Rule 3 – don’t stop!

7.5km Everybody’s kind of slow, but still passing by me. All of the greatest moments here were related to people cheering each other – there’s not so much left!

8km I’m seriously feeling like pushing against a wall. Muscles are burning. Am I feeling that for real, or just recalling some write-ups by other guys?

9.8km Let’s sprint a bit! Oh, no, I’m tired again.

10km Run-run-run dude!

10.1km It seems, previous sprint was kind of stupid. My legs are kind of failing, but I know where the girl with the sweets is!




  1. Running is a great way to cure sickness
  2. I’m capable of more then I’m used to think
  3. To achieve more keep the bar high!