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Technical analysis of the situation around Ukrainian Crimea peninsula

We have lots of political analysis about Ukraine and Russia and Crimea around, articles describing the transfer technically are more rare. Let me translate one for you.

So Crimea is the peninsula we used to have:

Screenshot 2014-03-14 16.28.26

And there were photos on the internet depicting tractors working on some perforations happening at the neck:


So we wonder, what for do they do that? Answer is obvious – to separate the peninsula from the continental part! The most efficient way of attaching Crimea to Russia is by means of physical move.

Most probably that will happen in two parts. First one will be done overnight on 14ths of March. Crimea will be moved and will temporarily connected to Anapa. That will give Russia the great leverage as well as a reasons for frau Merkel to curse in Russian language now.



Next step is to connect Crimea with Sochi, so infrastructure useless after the Olympics can be used to drive the growth of the region.



The idea brings huge wins to everyone involved, so global changes are inevitable! 


As you can see on the photo, the move is only a small piece of the plan – there’s lots of work to be done!