Daily Archives: 2014-03-04

Woot enough

As I’m returning to dating arena after a while, I’m noticing one of the patterns here. It was never tooted enough compared to “Witty enough”, “Sexy enough” or “Earning enough”, so I’ll be claiming the right to be the very pioneer : )

“Interested enough” is a strategy in which one of the parties continuously throws sand in a wheels of the relationships to observe an another one proving themselves as “Interested enough”, if fixing the other party at some point decides not to fix all the stuff, it’s considered “Not interested enough”.

You can see that virtually in every kind of relationship building activities sometimes: dating, recruiting, friendship, etc.

The very argument I’d like to make is self contained in the question: “Probably, desperate enough?”. Life is too short to spend it continuously proving something to someone(I’d prefer actually using the energy to deliver more value). Anyway, if my choice is about spending some resources on stuff I like(and have a return of some kind, e.g. emotional) is coupled with spending resources on stuff I don’t like, then probably I just don’t have a choice, i.e. I’m kind of desperate.

From what I observe, freedom is greatly related to the productivity. It’s just about being able to cut the corners without spending too much resources on that. And that’s what’s virtually impossible to achieve on a regular basis without perceiving the multitude of choices you have at each and every moment.

So if you feel you’re being involved into a venture of this kind, try share your feelings and enter an agreement. Be ready to leave and open to other opportunities life has to offer you.

If someone is dead serious that you’re the very one and you can’t be replaced, take that with a grain of salt – either they’re blind, or lying.

Enjoy the freedom. May the force be with you : )