Daily Archives: 2014-01-10

Sacrifices no more. Trade consciously

I’ve sacrificed best years of my life to you (c)

I’m kind of unrequited love fan. I can fall for like 3 girls simultaneously and that feels incredibly good regardless of feedback. I’m good with working for no money. I’m ok sparing my salad without trying yours. It’s always fun to share something, especially in case you’re overwhelmed by the energetizing feelings – the more you give the more you get from within, not sure how that works.

That reminds me of sacrifice word, which is completely useless in conscious life.peace

I trade my sleep time for the opportunity to do stuff I like. Harry Potter’s mom traded her life for her son’s. I wish one day we’ll forget about sacrifices and will consciously choose what to trade, what to bring into our lifes and what to give up to make some room for that(the idea of conscious trading makes me love sales and economics of personality domains that much).

In my experience, sacrifice is only mentioned in a contexts of demand. People would like you to do something now for the stuff done in past, imposing some obligation on you. And doing something because of being obliged is not the most productive way of changing the world for the better – I decline at all or enter a new agreement giving both of us what we want.


Make clear agreements, commit and excel. May the force be with you heart