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You’re not able to not be able

There’s an interesting theory that you can achieve everything and the very thing preventing you from that is you. More specifically your beliefs about how the world works.

Recently, I was blessed by an opportunity to run through this with two friends of mine, thus achieving much more structured knowledge and neat illustrations from the cafe interior.

– My client wants to win a lottery and I’d like to give him that.
– So what’s the problem?
– It would be easier for me if he tried to buy a ticket

(c) fellow angels


Let’s start from the three axioms:

  • You have a goal and you think you can’t reach it
  • Every goal is reachable(esoterically: god gave you everything to reach everything you need)
  • When you can’t reach something, you’re just blinded by some beliefs

Moving forward

Six steps below will help you to move forward with your goal.

Step 1: you have a goal.


And you have yourself:


You say you can’t reach it, but in a model where there is a goal and yourself nothing else prevents you from taking the thing:


Step 2: So let’s blame something specific, your beliefs. Rethink your “I can’t” statement into something like “I can’t reach it because …”. We’ve used sugar sticks for that:


I name it beliefs, though at first they seem pretty much like reality facts. To prove the latter statement wrong, we’ll do the following.

Step 3: imagine any situation(even with low probability) in which “because” part will be wrong statement.


So you have a glimpse of idea that something may well be done about all that! Why would you want to believe in a thing which prevents you from something you want?

Step 4: answer(in writing) what’s your benefit for maintaining such a belief?

Step 5: answer, what’s your price for maintaining the belief?

Step 6: are there any suitable belief replacements maximizing your win and minimizing your loss?

Surely, speculating about all that stuff is far from achieving your goal. In a world full of naysayers, though, I value instruments giving me reason for moving this world into a better future, not for inaction.


My personal experience, as usual.

  1. Goal: I’d like to stop giving my mom wild amounts of cash, so that she’ll have some incentive to take responsibility for her own life. Effective immediately.
  2. Belief: I can’t do that because she’s helpless
  3. Prove it wrong: She was responsible for her own life when she was young and did solve all the unknowns incredibly well
  4. What’s the win: I’m omiting my fear of being bad by not supporting her
  5. What’s the price: I’m blocking my mom from evolving by isolating her from feedback of her choices. I’m losing time and resources I could have used for the world. We’re all maintaining positions, not evolving
  6. Alternative belief: My mom is awesome. She can tackle that.

At the time of writing, I’m moving off my parents flat and my mom has a job.