Daily Archives: 2013-10-15

Venture Capitalism on the small scale

For years I went to work and I’ve expected to get a pay check just in time. I have the clearest feedback loop built in this parlance: be more –> do more –> get more.

There’s other type of things. Things, which have no obvious returns as never were invested enough. Some have convenient communities built around those and still not exercised that alot. Think about eating more vegetables, exercising more, reading unusual literature, expanding our network, leading new kinds of activities for people around, building positive mental models.

Returns are unclear(and may be profound), there is high risk of wasting your time – sounds pretty much like a Venture Capitalism with the money being the capital invested. I find this a particularly interesting model to help myself install new habits.

So what do we do with investments?

  • We track them
  • We protect them as needed
  • We invest more to earn more

So starting from just now, I’ll maintain a new spreadsheet, ‘Time invested’ reviewed daily. Should be fun enough game to play.

Get your ass off the couch and join me in investing :)