Daily Archives: 2013-10-10

Giving sincere feedback

Yeah, it’s hard to say “I perceive you as a piece of misbehaving sh*t”. Why? Personally I was afraid of the following outcomes:

Discontinued relationship

My recent experience suggests that there are better ways to waste time compared to pretending you’re in an open relationship :) Also I had a whole bunch of cool cases where negative but sincere feedback led to imroved relationship.

Harm someone weak

In particular I was afraid of a thing asked by my girlfriend recently, “Have you ever though about self-esteemof people you’re giving feedback to?”, implying our recent quarrel. There’s a reasonating question in my head here: “Can I be responsible for people not moving forward with tricky things because of my feedback?”.

Now I’m not. As I pereceive all kinds of scary things regarding my idea to go into Sales, and I’m still on board ;)

Whenever a person is really into something – they’ll do that regardless of your feedback.

You’re now two fears lighter person ;)