Daily Archives: 2013-09-29

Inviting superior people

5 minutes ago I was inviting my facebook friends to participate in hack4good.io. That gave me a couple exciting moments where I thought some thing like “He’s too good compared to me, let’s skip him to leave some room for me to shine there…”.

Wow. I just played it hard like stereotypical old dudes do. I was kind of patent troll here, protecting myself with politics and thus slowing the worlds pace to the brighter future.

In the end, I’ve invited all such people and send them a private message revealing that piece of me.  I’ve always heard that inviting superior people is kind of a thing proper CEO should do. Let’s see how it goes :)

Fixing a neighbourhood: attracting street workout dudes

In Ukraine we have a highly exercised practice of living with thy parents. The neighbourhood is quite close to the city line and parceived as a calm and fresh area. Now it feels a bit out of control with rude guys screaming out loud etc.

I particularly like guys doing street workout and would like to attract them. Thus I’ll need a metal welder and some advice from guys doing street workout sessions.

If you’re one of those – please give me a ping.

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Real challenge: Infobusiness

While, most of the things I encounter only cause a limited amount of distraction, infobusiness link encontered by me today caused me to suffer a lot more. My class-mate is selling MLM-something and ‘social proofs’ posted on a page are fake(e.g. a person quoted as an entrepreneur has an active job searcher record with a mid-tier salary).

What particularly excites me about this is the following: I’m totally helpless and disgusted here. Which means: there’s some reachable piece of existence I’m omiting due to my mindset. Otherwise being said as a “free piece of cake I’m not caring to take because of my head”.

As a minimum viable solution I see, I should create an infoproduct thing:)