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xUSSR relevant: 2 points to avoid during a sell

Yesterday I had a funny time analysing my girlfriends tries to put me into the bed(while I stretched my back on a touristic matrace). Sales models I’m fascinated about worked through that relentlessly. I could see parallels with stuff also happening around me, so would like to share how NOT to sell.

Selling through pity

“I’m cold – join me in.”

“Buy my services, cause I’m national pour provider.”

A: I vote with my time and with my money for the world I’d like to see in the future. And I see highly energetic and motivated people. I don’t like to develop pour behaviour by supporting that with my resources.

Sell through YOUR understanding of interest points

“It’s kind of nice to lay here”

“Our solution is best because …”

A: I understand that I will pay(with my money and time) for everything I get, thus I prefer not to get things I don’t need and don’t like. Give me an opportunity to realise the profit myself and share that with you.

My suggestions

Engage in an open dialogue and see where it will get you. Don’t complain when you won’t get something good each time – the idea is to give something to people, if that will be something of true value – they’ll be able to share bits of win with you.