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Inviting superior people

5 minutes ago I was inviting my facebook friends to participate in That gave me a couple exciting moments where I thought some thing like “He’s too good compared to me, let’s skip him to leave some room for me to shine there…”.

Wow. I just played it hard like stereotypical old dudes do. I was kind of patent troll here, protecting myself with politics and thus slowing the worlds pace to the brighter future.

In the end, I’ve invited all such people and send them a private message revealing that piece of me.  I’ve always heard that inviting superior people is kind of a thing proper CEO should do. Let’s see how it goes :)

Fixing a neighbourhood: attracting street workout dudes

In Ukraine we have a highly exercised practice of living with thy parents. The neighbourhood is quite close to the city line and parceived as a calm and fresh area. Now it feels a bit out of control with rude guys screaming out loud etc.

I particularly like guys doing street workout and would like to attract them. Thus I’ll need a metal welder and some advice from guys doing street workout sessions.

If you’re one of those – please give me a ping.

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Real challenge: Infobusiness

While, most of the things I encounter only cause a limited amount of distraction, infobusiness link encontered by me today caused me to suffer a lot more. My class-mate is selling MLM-something and ‘social proofs’ posted on a page are fake(e.g. a person quoted as an entrepreneur has an active job searcher record with a mid-tier salary).

What particularly excites me about this is the following: I’m totally helpless and disgusted here. Which means: there’s some reachable piece of existence I’m omiting due to my mindset. Otherwise being said as a “free piece of cake I’m not caring to take because of my head”.

As a minimum viable solution I see, I should create an infoproduct thing:)

I’m a kitten and I don’t care, I want purr-purr-purr…

purr0   You know, I live this life of ‘interested in startups’ person. I attend meetups, read Paul Grahams essays and reason about lean principles
iboxapplied to everything, but I DO NOTHING.  My Evernote ‘ideaBox’ tag has 50+ entries and I still DID NOTHING, I come up with something, take a note and reason why I should not do this now and later I think why I should not do the thing at all.  I’ve read about this ‘decide and go for it immediately’ principle lots of times in a different facets but it always was left behind.

So I’ve spent a while today silently bitching about how the life sucks. I did my work-related pile automation and while the thing was crunching through the numbers, noded off.

Sleep raised my energy level so I went to activities my ego is not comfortable about: chasing contacts for my friend and telling the truth. Kittens are ok about both activites. They’re ok about everything. And I was particularly inspired by my taking something like 0.5 sec to convert herself from a sleepy glomerulus to a swift shadow of a tail – I really want to be a very one too!

Here’s the deal: I’ll write an Android app being your couch in being a kitten. You’ll love it.

xUSSR relevant: 2 points to avoid during a sell

Yesterday I had a funny time analysing my girlfriends tries to put me into the bed(while I stretched my back on a touristic matrace). Sales models I’m fascinated about worked through that relentlessly. I could see parallels with stuff also happening around me, so would like to share how NOT to sell.

Selling through pity

“I’m cold – join me in.”

“Buy my services, cause I’m national pour provider.”

A: I vote with my time and with my money for the world I’d like to see in the future. And I see highly energetic and motivated people. I don’t like to develop pour behaviour by supporting that with my resources.

Sell through YOUR understanding of interest points

“It’s kind of nice to lay here”

“Our solution is best because …”

A: I understand that I will pay(with my money and time) for everything I get, thus I prefer not to get things I don’t need and don’t like. Give me an opportunity to realise the profit myself and share that with you.

My suggestions

Engage in an open dialogue and see where it will get you. Don’t complain when you won’t get something good each time – the idea is to give something to people, if that will be something of true value – they’ll be able to share bits of win with you.

Where am I

I’m watching ‘Now you see me’ and eating my dinner alone. I’m a bit uncomfortable about the thing, so you all will know it. What we do is just our choice. Hiding problems from others just lowers our chances to fix those. The problem here is feeling uncomfortable as you might have guessed :)

About being offended

ps  Imagine your boss not giving you enough payraise, or a position, or even not a boss telling you words in a form you don’t like. You walk away and you never, never going to have any business with that person. Silently and with no actions.

If there is a case where such a scenario is possible(mb, with other decorations), I’m afraid you gave up that time. You chose to transfer responsibility to an offender and now you’re good – you need to do nothing. There will be another offenders over and over – mind is easily taught new fancy patterns of simplifying the reality. Mb during the first tries of the strategy, we’ve learned it may be effective – parents don’t let their children to walk away pissed off. With time it’s does not(actually it never did – training your environment to act like a guilty robots does not seem a long term win for me).

So I’ve observed that in myself as well as around me numerous times and would like to remind us of another option: stand up for the interest. Learn more of the offenders position and feelings, try to find points you can score both. With practice your mind will be more efficient in finding those even if you’ll be far away from brilliance first. Eventually, state your position clearly and as an equal. Even if you’ll “lose” this time, you’re one step closer to developing a better self(as well as a one more open relationship for the future).

Enjoy ;)

I’m back :)

Briefly about previous posts here: I was trying to build a house in 2 month and failed. Than I’ve spent awhile hestitating about the fact(which wasn’t preventing me from learning, I’ve just was afraid of committing something in writing again).

I’m still risking to fail and feel/look miserable and actually this is ok price to pay for spreading the word about stuff I really adore.

Special thanks to Alex(apofig) for the inspiration(btw, apofig is “I don’t care / Whatever” in Russian which is kind of an attitude helping people to do scary things ;)