Achivation Game


TLDR: You pick a goal, move towards it and have a chance to get a reward. In any case you’ll learn a lot during the exercise

Basic mechanics

  1. We only have 10 participant spots
  2. You pick a SMART goal
  3. Ivan validates the goal is SMART enough
  4. You move towards your goal
  5. Game ends on June 26th at 23:59
  6. If your goal is too large – we can pick a smaller milestone which will dramatically raise your chances of achieving the larger
  7. Every day your log your progress before 23:59
  8. Missing the report twice means you’re out of the game
  9. Every week before Saturday 23:59, you plan tasks for the next one
  10. Everyone who lasted until the end of the game votes for the winner
  11. Ivan can’t be a winner
  12. Ivan is a tie-breaker (if a two people will get the same number of votes – he decides who is getting the reward)
  13. If a winner is an active blogger, he/she is eligible for a reward
  14. Active blogger:
    1. Produces a public blog post every week during the game
    2. Social networks are not considered blogging platforms
    3. Has a post linking this page stating that he / she is participating
    4. Shares links to all of the posts produced during the participation in the game on at least 1 social network: LinkedIn / Facebook / vk
checkin graph
Image: chart depicting results of 100 days challenge with 15 people. Red means a participant failed to report


  1. UAH1000 certificate for English language literature with
  2. If you publicly blog about a book (or a list of books) you’d like to give up for a charity cause, you get UAH1000 credit you can spent on that (e.g. you can use that to donate books to a school / orphanage / put them on book crossing)
  3. If you decide to support a charity and will publicly blog about that, Ivan will match your donation for up to UAH1000

How to join

Fill in the questionnaire before May 26th 23:59.

See you soon and may the force be with you.

Challenge Accepted

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