spainHi there! My name is Ivan Sobolev and you’ve just spotted my blog focused on building relationships with people.

I’m keen on productivity, self development and real-life education (I’m doing mistakes to learn from them!).

While being full time Software Engineer, I continuously expand my comfort zone e.g. by learning how to go to bars alone or getting into the sales world (so I can sell you a pen, ha-ha!).

My story

I was once hit by a brick in the face but that is not reason for naming the blog (although now I realize it can be a good idea!).

The blog name is solely derived from my failed attempt to build a house in a month (I was also going to do that without actually buying the land). I managed to live with that failure visible on all of my social network profiles and that changed my life.

Now I can try to do things I’m not sure if I can. Which is what brings me in line with 1-year old babies.

So if you would like to feel like a year old – you know what to do

Let’s be friends

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” (c) Hellen Keller

Our lives are too short to have fun with all the problems alone. Use the below buttons to follow me and let’s do the fun things together!

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