Just do it(tm)

One of the first books I’ve bought[1] told me about two axises in goal achievement: decisiveness(ability to start) and persistence(having enough resources to accomplish the thing).

I think GTD[2] success is in part attributed to improving decisiveness. Doing something a few times develops a habit, so we keep doing same thing less consciously. By quickly relaying messages in your Inbox to appropriate queues you take a decision already, it’s small, but starting small is the easiest way to start. Branson’s autobiographical one[3] also stuffed with quick decision making.

I’m still afraid of making mistakes but when I’m starting to act, that’s all gone.

Exercise for the reader

Keep your inboxes empty for a week.

  • If you don’t feel like saying ‘yes’ to something – say no
  • If you know when you’re going to do something – add a reminder and drop the e-mail, if you don’t know – say no
  • Unsubscribe link in marketing e-mails helps a lot : )


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