My first IT job exit poll

bear_peckerThis exit poll was was filled on my last day at my first IT company. I think it should be interesting to anyone curious about how do people in IT perceive their companies.

If you find this useful – please share your story in return. I’m a curious one : )


Work history and overall evaluation

Time with the company:
– 3.5 years

Latest career assessment:
– 3 month ago

What was the key factor to join our company:
– An opportunity to try

How your perception of the factors had changed since that:
– I love growth opportunities

What was the difference between your expectation of your responsibilities and the reality:
– There were no expectations

– I was up to picking up all the slacks around

What was the most satisfying in your work:
– Communications with the people I solved problems for
– Challenging problems

What was the most dissatisfying:
– Virtual machines we were enforced to use
– No work from home
– Policies & restrictions around working environment and internet

What was the mean reason for quitting:
– There were no progress with the blockers for a while


Do you think the training you’ve received during your time here was sufficient?
– BrainBench tests were good for self-evaluation at the start
– Career development objectives we set from time to time helped me to set the direction
– I’ve trained myself sufficiently

What training you’ve needed?
– For my first project I needed to get accustomed with Spring
– From certain point I needed no trainings

Have you received support necessary for you to be efficient ?
– From my team members


Have you received adequate feedback about your work apart from annual assessment?
– I was asking the lead myself – always had responses
– Weekly on my project

Do you think company supported your career goals?
– Till a certain moment, like 1.5 yrs ago


How were your relationships with the team?
– Good(all 7 projects so far)


Were you satisfied with the compensation and perks?
– Up until 1.5 yrs ago – yes, right now – nope
– I loved the milk at the kitchens and teambuilding parties we had

What would you do to improve your working place?
– Conditioning: always stale air, too cold at winter, too hot at summer

How would you evaluate your manager?
– My TL gave me plenty of opportunities to grow and always freedom to act

What should they do to improve their management style?
– Hard to get some time on his calendar

Anything which made your work harder?
– See the ‘was the most dissatisfying’ above
Admin staff?

– All good apart from our Chief Finance in Kiev which tended to send some rude responses with ‘Reply To all’

Do you think you’ll work with us again in the future?
– Uhm yes, like in 1, 2, 5 years

Do you recommend us to your friends?
– Yes, and I’m doing that regularly

Staff retention

What’s the difference between us and your new company?
– I’m given the opportunity to lead a team
– Work from home
– Bike parking / shower
– Compensation is also higher

What motivated you to look for a new place?
– I was told I will be good enough to lead a team in a year here
– Self confidence(I’m sure I can lead a team at the moment)
– Desire to change something
– New responsibilities

What made you ready to consider the opportunities on the job market?
– See the above

Before leaving, have you considered any opportunities inside?
– Yup, like 4 different projects

Can we do something to make you stay?
– I don’t know

What do they offer and we don’t?
– See ‘What’s the difference between us and your new company’

Were there any people around who insulted you or made your working environment not comfortable?
– Nope, probably renovation works around

Who’s your new employer?
– :)

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