Willpower no more! – an alternative approach to achieving stuff

I did a great job with planning and after a few sparks of execution decided to ‘adjust my priorities'(f*ck up the execution) again. Usually I suffered because of this but recently I’ve formalized an efficient way(when applied to myself) to live with that – see if you can borrow from me and make yourself happier too :)

One of the things I learned from a human potential training I participated in last year(kind of a clone of the Lifespring) was to be anxious about the result – pushing super hard to get something done and feeling real bad if commitment was not met. It’s a cool way to remind yourself that you have some willpower to spend, but it’s dead inefficient compared to other stuff.


Let’s start from the basics. To achieve something I need two things: 1) to make a decision 2) execute it for a while. Obviously, in some cases I had problems with the second one. Analyzing why was never simpler: I was dragged away by the stuff I’m used to!

For example, years ago I let myself be dragged by my work from my university friends. Later I followed a girl drag, thus abandoning the work. [ Hope you have better life balance?:) ]


Anyway. The issue is resolved by the same thing it’s caused by – the trick is to get dragged. By all the winds: family, career, health, whatever, so you’ll have all the things you want at once. Consciously this time.


The process:

  1. Get yourself a spare Sunday
  2. List the roles you’d like to play/areas of life(e.g. colleague, son, friend, father, neighbor, athlete, …)
  3. For each of these get a simple todo item ideally:
    • Exposing you to a longterm changes
    • Involving other people
    • You never had done before
    • Involving no decision taking: call, chat, …
  4. Execute!
  5. Next Sunday review the results and repeat


  1. Give priority to the list, urgent routine stuff will fit around that nicely anyway ;)
  2. Don’t expect something HUGE to be done – the trick is not to nail something, but to get yourself dragged by a flow where something cool will be done for you naturally sometimes with your own hands – that’s still a valid option:) ]
  3. If you wish to be energy efficient – accept all the results and try to get caught by a different dragging force next time, bitching about stuff is useless : )
  4. It’s always too early to give up!

Frequently asked question: how do I get to a billion dollars figure on my bank account?
Frequently returned answer: which role do you thing will bring you that?

[ As I’ve started living through this, I never thought of the money goal again: I strive to be a kind son, good colleague, motivating neighbor, excited traveler, … Where is the money? ]

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