Make all the mistakes

TLDR: you can’t get to “I’m ready” state of the mind without passing through “I’m not ready, but I’m doing this”, so to make more use of your precious minutes of the life, start over something you’re not ready, not sure and afraid of right now.

2012 was a year of books for me – I’ve isolated myself from my friends, defined a goal and frantically read my way through to it. I’ve learned a lot, but each of the books adjusted my direction slightly dragging me to a yet another direction.

2013 thus was a year of giving up on reading books, I still needed some direction, so tried to get some inspiration from trainings, a girl friend and my own interests.

This wasn’t much different from the bookworming approach in the sense of me still trying to pave path over to something before actually engaging into the domain. Thus I’ve hardened my habit of giving up on things before even trying, as they seemed close to impossible. I still wonder how I’ve survived : )

2014 just started, but already gifted me with an interesting concept to share. It all had started with my visit to US. I thought I’m well-versed with English(and my Ukrainian colleagues will confirm that), but this trip somehow uncovered yet another layer of language and cultural barriers inside me. I spent like a month growing the balls to invite a girl over to lunch(and while doing that, my voice has trembled) – I obviously was not ready, not used to that!

To make matters worse, I went out for a drinks with my colleagues, one of them being nasty HR picking on my English and my story of eating off Walgreens while being in one of the most food-rich cities. And it all broke apart. The act of highlighting my stupidity liberated me off it. I no longer needed to spend weeks with a vocabulary to get myself ready to enjoy the night – I was doing that right at that moment! /probably such stories can also be a differentiator between good and not-so HR’s :) /


Allowing myself to make a mistake liberated me for an evening. Chasing stuff I’m not that sure I can win charges me still : )

So let 2014 be a year of mistakes : )

And let’s make all of them with pleasure : )

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