The Achievationers Book :: Chapter V

05/ Embrace change

Achievation is when changes make you happy

That’s great when you enjoy each and every breeze bringing more change into your environment. Like in the proverb: “When the wind of change blows some build walls others build windmills”.

If for each and every possible wind direction you have a flag and a canvas ready being easy to direct, and the most importantly, your horizon is filled with attractive goals, whenever the wind carries you – you have no choice but to enjoy the life. So much yum to strive for!

Asswrinklers has a single goal, thus changes don’t make them glad. They’re trying to ignore them whenever possible. Thus, great opportunities are missed. They they announce the fact: “There’s no happiness in life!”, often with overtone of grim pleasure of being right. Just because of not being able to see the changes around and enjoy them.

If you enjoy changes, you spot the opportunities they bring, respond to the wind changes and you possess the freedom of choice. It’s windy? – You have a boat ready. Heat? – Great, will warm yourself up – luck again.

Contrarily, if you only see the winter(or you think it’s winter) or you have a clothing only for a single season, then you sweat your fur coat through and complain about winter being just wrong.

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