The Achievationers Book :: Chapter III

03/ Catch the wind

Achievation – is when every wind as a tailwind.

Own inertia diminishes with time. That’s why it’s important to have some energetic winds blowing from the outside.

Everything happening around you can be such a wind. Everything which changes. Calm is the worst case. When no winds blow. When nothing carries you. No luck.

The more changes – the better.

Like sailfish. Left the port, caught a wind, were waiting for a different now – everyone is upset. Then being caught by calm, realize that any wind is better. Everyone will be happy to feel any wind, any puff, just to leave the place.

People also suffer from this: they spent a year, two, fifteen on a same spot. Nothing happens. People go nuts from boredom. Too late. Catching up with regatta is no longer possible. All because of turning up your nose at all the past winds.

How do people happen to be cause by asswrinkler swamps? They stop catching winds. That sucks. And that sucks in. Fuel is over and wind is no more.

It’s better to await for a wind as a tailwind, wonder which way he goes and believe it’s your tailwind as well. Then it will become the one. Then whenever you’re carried to, you have everything you need there.

The fact of the sole existence of a blowing wind is a luck already. Meaning, you may have some luck from that.

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