The magic of relaxing your buttocks

catWhile doing my usual morning workout today, I’ve danced around my cat. She wanted some attention, but she was calm about it. What was revealing is her efficiency. She just moved into a positions where me exercising the usual way had no choice but to touch her. She was putting herself into a place where environment would fulfill the goal!

Consciously moving towards something is the act of will. Being probably the firstest thing a person should learn on their way to their excellence, on later stages, it seems, this may become an excessive energy sink, especially if you’re not stable about your emotions towards the goal.

Do you think having will power and desire to get to a cashier good enough reasoning to break through the doors on a bank holiday?

Not fighting with the environment leaves you with time and energy surplus you could spend elsewhere. And even if you think by patiently waiting for something you lower your chances X times – how many more goals you can keep tabs on? The only thing left is to alleviate pressurized perception of time.

Now I have a reason to do stuff I want, not stuff I wanted. The world’s made of joy, isn’t it?


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