Cost of not looking dumb

“You never break anything, you’re probably not moving fast enough” (c) Mark Zuckerberg

Being dumb(a person having issues to fix) is a tough business, specially if you’re used to think you’re not the one. By trying not to look dumb, we actually become dumber – we’re protecting out status quo and all the issues are collected throughout our life. Being dumb is just a matter of collecting feedback and using that to make yourself better personality.

For example, I was reluctant to ask people for a favors because I was afraid to discover I don’t have that strong of a relationship with me. That same thing prevented me from doing proper follow-ups and closing deals.


Some of those include:

  • Feeling like you’re the intelligent one and all the problems are inside other people
  • Anger and desperation emotions filling you on regular basis
  • Not doing stuff because “you will LOOK dumb”


  • Embrace failure – do stuff you’re not good at and learn to accept failure as a natural part of your growth
  • Be open – acknowledge your gaps and convey them clearly to the people you’re maintaining relationships with. Being public is 80lvl of this : )
  • Observe – each time you’re procrastinating(Ha, just not doing) something, you’re trying not to spot a tricky part of yourselfs and thus appear to be cool one

May the force be with you : )

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