No more shelling kids from the beauties of the world

univIt becomes a hot trend to overload me with informational trash, selling the point of isolating your beloved(mostly children) from the environment. Please don’t. I still won’t buy it. Here’s why.


Broken accomodation

In our first years we’re truly flexible about everything – kids minds and bodies accomodate and heal virtually anything. While when we’re mature enough, it’s tough even to quit a habit. Rebuilding thy body becomes no-no-no.

So shelled by yourself from the first day, they accomodate to your presence. And eventually you’ll have to quit ther lives, leaving them both unprepared and no longer flexible.

Broken you

Life truly excels in expanding its boundaries. Your young one will either eat the environment, or it will you. I guess picking an option allowing you both to do same thing side by side also gives you benefit of socializing while biting into the world, not each other ;)

Life is all about the environment

Finally, life is all about us joining back with the rest of the world, all of its reasures and challanges. Mature shells tend to contract, thus limiting the view of the younger ones when shelling them.


We’re done with abstract stuff, let’s iterate over particulars:

  • Maternity hospitals in Ukraine are scary, but we’ll born there
  • Leaving your child is scary, but we’ll embrace the traveler
  • Eating common junk food is dangerous, but we’ll accomodate that in small does
  • Collaborating with unmotivated kids/teachers in school is wild, but we’ll practice socializing from the very beginning
  • Not being a control freak is a touch thing, but we’ll play that game – let them choice and make that into life ;)

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