I don’t care to be successful, I care to be myself

Nothing endures but change.

puzzleRoles, commitments and responsibilities are basic building blocks of our society. They help us to build largely stable structures(e.g. IBM) on the quicksand of ever changing minds. Basically there are two roles in this interplay model: you shape a structure, you fit a one.

You fit

You’ll be easily accepted by a structure, if you’re a fit. There are lots of knowledge on how to fit better(e.g. bazzillions of articles describing how to write a decent CV). The question is: “Should we do that right now?”. Fitting the family structure was perfectly required for survival back in my childhood days, right now I am the support for my parents, but still live their idea of having a stable job and scoring as much as possible on this “Tree, house, son, …” ruler of success. What’s the deal here? I buy some safety with this tension to fit.

You shape

It’s helpful to remember here is that safety – only perceived thing. At some point everyone of us will be dead – is there any way to be safe from that? If everything be lost, apart yourself – so why don’t make this a journey about constitutes yourself?

From sales perspective not fitting is actually a win. If your role / behaviour is a commodity – price will always go down to have you on board. What differs you is the very thing which will help you to sell high.

Fit vs shape


Just both. Let’s discover.

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