Informative “You’ll die” – what can you learn from that?

Was reading an article about a girl which is under palliative care now. She’s leading a number of social initiatives and lives full, inspiring life. The article had a number of great pieces to cherry pick into your life strategy.

Accept where are you now

‘I won’t be cured’- she says.

Break boundaries, not create them

She says she’s not different from others. Maybe, she won’t make it to 40, or even 29 – any of us can suffer from bad luck or a quick brick – we’re all the same in this uncertainty.

Do what you really want

“I’m not afraid of the future, I’m afraid to stop living the full life I live now” – she continues.


It was so deep that I’ve though: “What if instead of trying to prolong our lives, we’ll restrict those? If everyone will live like that – the world will be a great place actually”.

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