Follow up:

Experimental from the ground up, this event is quite unusual landmark on Ukrainian IT scene.

Imagine 50+ IT dudes networking simultaneously at the beginning:

DSC_0251 Panorama

Later on continued with a series of Lightning Talks – we’re not on schedule, but people are happy and engaged. “Troll me, please” – the speakers request.


What do we do with engaged audience in Ukraine? We make them vote! We’ve picked a technology area to evaluate in groups and done a quick research on that.

Lights out! For real :) But that’s still not a problem. I love it.

SEO piece: Java networking, networking java, networking. When you are a Java and you do a networking – join us. Beware! We do networking without any sockets here ;)

I imagine networking taken to a different level next time: a few technologies picked, leads are chosen and teams do work remotely for a while to reconnect at the event and share the findings and embrace each other in a real world now.

To organizers: two weeks passed since the event, and I’m still inspired – thank you. Please-please-please! Let’s do that again?

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