Radio channel streams on the internet

I’ve already shared some of the video’s which I use to overcome the rainy days. Another bit which is keeping my eyes shining is the set of Ukrainian radio channels I tune into even when I’m far away from the homeland.

Radio streams

Stream links are iTunes friendly (you can do File > Open Stream and paste the link there), something like that works in other players (if anybody still uses Winamp).

  1. Puree (pop/electronic) [stream]
  2. DjFM (electronic/pop) [stream]
  3. KissFM (electronic) [stream]
  4. Prosto Radio Kiev (pop) [stream]
  5. Radio A (pop/indie) [stream]
  6. Kiev Rebel Radio [stream]
  7. Radio ROKS (rock) [stream]


Mixtapes by my friends: calm stuff


Other stuff

Yeah, I’ve heard about Spotify but I’m kind of a dinosaur in this respect : ) Radios work for me just fine yet : )

Tune in, enjoy and share your picks!

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