Want to comment? – prove you’re worth it

I just bulk deleted like 4 500 comments as spam. Now commenting on the blog mandates reCAPTCHA so either you’re a decent human or a prominent artificial intelligence. Either way, you’re welcome.


If you’ve written a decent comment recently and it’s not there – please let me know, I’ll restore it.

5 thoughts on “Want to comment? – prove you’re worth it

  1. estorski

    Van’, is there a way to create a user here, and to login just once (remember password)?

    I am not commenting most of the time just because the whole procedure looks too complex for the “comment and forget” approach

    1. Ivan Post author

      @Olga welcome to the club :)
      @estorski I can create a user for you if you wish :) Can I use the e-mail you’ve specified?

    1. Ivan Post author

      Hi Mitchel :) No, I’ve just defaulted on my obligation to review all the comments :) That one is restored and welcome to the club :)


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