Picking app delivery channel: mobile / web

I’m evaluating platform options for a project I’d like kick off, which is about connecting people willing to learn from and teach to each other.

+ Web = Mobile through a Bootstrap, etc
+ Web = Faster publish = More feedback and shorter iteration cycle
Web = Tricky Push Notifications on Mobile platform :( [  although, possible: APNs, GCM – tied to their auth]
? Anything else ?


Update: as usual, I went the techy route without considering the idea outside out of automation fallacy.

My hypothesis:

  • There are 2 commonly expressed pain points active individuals do encounter. My idea is to connect them both, so that their pains will be fixed
  • Pain1: reach out to a specialist to learn / ask
  • Pain2: share your timeslot with someone interested
  • Existing solution: ask friends(virtual/real)
  • Problems with that: usually up to 2nd/3rd degree network only, not realtime


  • Me and @apofig like the thing
  • I thought about posting a Google Doc where people could add themselves, but that is somewhat not engaging :(
  • So let’s try asking people on my network directly!

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