How to talk to a potential recruit: A successful random recruiter’s guide

5735037Recruiters are not annoying! I’m just communicating with them in a wrong way (no sarcasm intended).

Yesterday I had an awesome chat with a recruiter who explained that I’m the one to be blamed for all the problems with mis-approaching me by recruiters. I basically provided no info on how to approach me and then just complained :| Let’s fix this!

The guide

If you’re trying to talk me into being hired, please:

  1. Tell me where you’ve got my contact from
  2. Be ready for a two-sided conversation to happen (“Please send me a resume if interested” = no-no)
  3. Prefer informal style chats (Russian/Ukrainian languages have whole bunch of words which have formal/informal forms, like we have ‘you’ word of two kinds, English speaking please refrain from using ‘mister’ etc)
  4. Prefer communication channels giving me the freedom of answering later (e.g. LinkedIn is much better than Skype)
  5. Describe the idea of the project / problem it solves
  6. Include as much details as possible (I’m still a lot better at reading than at chatting with people)
  7. Don’t ask ‘can I ask you a question?’ – life is short (and that thing is already a question asked without a permission)
  8. Don’t try to buy my soul with a relocation :P
  9. Don’t ask me about my salary expectations:
    1. I have experience offering my services / actually working for free where I liked the idea
    2. Best thing you can do: include your budget (surely can be a range) together with the rest of the information
  10. Think strategically: I probably won’t satisfy your query especially in asap mode (*wink*) but I will gladly provide some leads now and later if I remember who you are. Vika‘s trick revealed (:

P.S. If you’re reading this post you’re probably better of than many : )
P.S.S. +1 to your reputation if you’ll tell me this code anywhere during the introduction 0xcafebabe (I’m pretty serious btw)
P.S.S.S. If you never asked people what it feels like to receive your introduction letter – ask me, I’m always open to give some feedback

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